High Tech Careers

Some of our best scientists and entrepreneurs talk about their work, their life choices, and make predictions for the future.

David Samuel (intro), member of the Technion Board of Governors

03:46 – Irit Idan, VP of R&D, Rafael

13:17 – Oskar Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies Maxeler

22:07 – Michael Bronstein, Head of Graph Learning Research at Twitter

33:57 – Panel discussion David Samuel Hosts the event.

A member of Technion Board of Governors, with a long international career with startups and large companies alike Dr Irit Idan Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Rafael Defence, one of Israel’s largest Defence companies Oskar Mencer Founder and CEO of Maxeler Technologies, former Consulting Professor in Geophysics at Stanford University Michael Bronstein Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur, Chair of Machine Learning at Imperial CollegeHead of Graph Learning Research at Twitter