Technion UK is the leading British organisation promoting education, science and technology through the support of the Technion.

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is Israel’s leading centre of scientific and high tech research. It is one of the world’s most prestigious technological institutes. The Technion plays a vital role in every aspect of Israel’s life, from hi-tech development to medical research and defence. Eighty percent of Israel’s engineers are trained at the Technion. Technion UK, a UK registered charity, is one of a number of societies around the world whose function is to raise funds for the Technion and promote awareness of its many activities. Not many organisations can claim the distinction of having been born in the House of Lords. Yet, that is exactly where Technion UK started, at a meeting in the House of Lords in April 1951.

Over the years, Technion UK has contributed to the infrastructure of Technion, providing buildings, auditoriums, research centres and equipment, faculty and student facilities, sports facilities, student hostels, staff housing, special projects, roads, parks and gardens, as well as facilities for the physically challenged. On the academic side, Technion UK had endowed Chairs and Lectureships, set up endowment funds and established scholarship and fellowship funds.