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Our goal is that No One abandons their studies. This is an emergency assistance scholarship which will help students who are struggling with the challenges and ensuing financial hardships of the COVID -19 era.

Technion Integrated Cancer Centre is dedicated to innovating novel diagnostic tools and treatments for this disease by fostering interactions among researchers in all areas of science, engineering and medicine, who are translating basic discoveries into practical applications.

The TICC’s overall goals are to enable a paradigm shift in cancer diagnosis and therapy; to build and maintain a bridge between biomedical engineering and cancer therapy; to enable “bedside to bench to bedside” interactions with clinicians; and to establish a solid foundation for personalised medicine in oncology.

Help Technion people and products change the face of medicine, computing, communication , and countless other fields.

The Archimedes Program provides academic chemistry education at the Technion to gifted high school pupils. Participants enter this three-year program during 10th grade at age 14-15 and complete it in parallel with their high school studies. These courses enrich the pupils with not only knowledge but also academic credit points, which they can use later if they decide to continue their studies at the Technion, or at any other university in Israel.

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