Establishment of the Human MRI Facility at the Technion

We want to help bring an MRI Machine and open an MRI Reseach Centre in the Technion – Watch the video for more information. Click here to support the project:

The Technion is proposing the establishment of the Human MRI Facility to make possible research not only to better understand the brain but also to provide new types of therapy via neurofeedback.

Establishment of the Human MRI Facility will put this vital tool in the hands of outstanding researchers from a wide range of fields who will not just fully exploit its abilities but will also improve them through the development and implementation of new sequences, real-time data acquisition, processing and analysis. Israel, in great part due to the Technion, is a world leader in the research and development of medical devices and treatment. Establishing the Human MRI Facility will provide the Technion with equipment common in leading universities such as MIT and Stanford, and enable its researchers to achieve unprecedented understanding about the human body in illness and in health and to improve diagnosis and treatment in order to save lives and to improve the quality of life for people in Israel and around the globe.