A leading metrics-based classification of computer-science institutions has ranked the Israeli Institute of Technology number one in the field of AI

The efforts of Israel’s leading technological institute, The Technion, in advancing the field of artificial intelligence have positioned it number one in Europe, according to a rating by CSRankings, which compared top computer science institutions globally.

It placed 15th worldwide for the AI ranking and 11th worldwide in the subfield of machine learning, according to the data which was compiled from 2016 to 2021 and included metrics such as computer vision and natural web processing. 

There are currently 46 Technion researchers engaged in core AI research areas, with more than 100 others in related fields such as smart vehicles, industrial robotics and cybersecurity. According to the rankings, which measure how many times a department has been published at a prestigious computer science conference, 42 of these researchers would have been published between one and 30+ times.

One of its flagship enterprises is the Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS) research center, which works to establish The Technion as a leading contender in the AI world, recruit from other departments to conduct joint research, connect researchers with relevant parties in the industry and establish close collaborative efforts with other prominent AI institutes – both in Israel and throughout the world.

The Technion has already collaborated with many leading organizations, such as Carnegie Mellon University, which operates the largest centre for AI and robotics in America and – most recently – the American software giant, PTC.

Director of Technion UK, Alan Aziz, says: “We are very proud of the recognition The Technion has received in its contribution to artificial intelligence – especially as it continues to make deep and personal connections with others in the field and a significant impact on what we can hope to expect from it in the future.”

More than 13,000 students currently attend The Technion, which is located in Haifa.