May 20, 2024
Israel Tech Guard builds new solutions to protect citizens
Social Watchdog, a SaaS-based solution, leverages natural language processing to detect toxic content that violates terms of use on social media. Photo courtesy of Israel Tech Guard

200+ volunteers from tech community speedily develop GenAI and computer vision-based solutions to address new challenges presented by the war.

Israel Tech Guard, an all-volunteer, not-for-profit initiative empowering Israel’s defenses with the latest technologies, is looking to raise $2 million for rapid-pace initiatives designed to help protect the nation during and after the war.

Formed on October 7 while the Hamas attacks were wreaking death and destruction, Israel Tech Guard was cofounded by serial tech entrepreneur Mor Ram-On; software engineer and team lead at Cybereason Ron Balter; and senior programmer Lior Mizrahi, cofounder and CTO of Maveriks.

Israel Tech Guard merchandise. Photo courtesy of Israel Tech Guard

Around 200 volunteers from Israel’s tech community are working for Israel Tech Guard, which is structured in teams of two to 20 developers operating as internal startups within the organization. This allows teams the freedom to run fast without worrying about office space, legal, financial, and other logistics.

Ram-On says that this agile approach has resulted in each solution taking, on average, a week to develop.

Projects by Israel Tech Guard include:

Blood Donation Bot: A mobile web app designed to streamline blood donation by checking eligibility prior to visiting, saving donors time while also helping the staff at Israel’s national blood and medical emergency service, Magen David Adom, better manage resources.

Rehab Track: An app that helps hospitals to track the location of patients during their rehabilitation to support their physicians treating them throughout the recovery process.

Guardian X: An automated media analysis system for social networks that detects faces and objects of interest and correlates them with known databases for matches.