As Israel faces unprecedented attacks, the Technion must think first and foremost about its students and staff and campus security. In the wake of the current security situation, the Technion is establishing an emergency fund to ensure that it will be able to protect its students and facilities during these difficult times.

Funds raised for the Emergency Student Support Fund will be directed towards two main areas: 

Student Support:

  • Providing immediate support to student reservists called to active military duty and to their partner/family who are left behind– this support may be in the form of food packages or rent subsidies for this period
  • Offering counselling services to both reservists, their partners and the general student population who are facing emotional challenges as a result of the war 
  • Providing academic tutoring and support services for reservists who return after the war
  • Extending essential economic support to those students in need of special grants and supplies
  • To purchase emergency provisions in the form of bottled water, canned and dried foods for residents of the campus in the case that residents are confined to campus bomb shelters

Emergency Support for the Campus:

  • Many of the Technion’s security teams have been called up to active service. The Technion must hire temporary as well as additional security personnel to protect the campus during this time
  • These funds will also support on-campus child-care options, enabling our staff members to work on campus at a time of active school closings
  • Funds for renovating existing bomb shelters

If there is a surplus at the end of the war, the remaining funds will be dedicated to funding social activities aimed at helping our students regain a sense of normalcy and joy. 

The funds raised will be deployed with utmost care and purpose and will be administered by the Office of the Dean of Students as well as the Deputy Director General of Operations – both of whom are responsible for ensuring the welfare and security of our student body and campus.

Together, we can make a profound impact and stand resilient in the face of adversity.