Yam Brent

Yam Brent, a student at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management received his scholarship from the Technion Graduate Organisation last year thanks to the contributions of our supporters. Yam said ′′Receiving the scholarship is a source of pride for me. It gave me great satisfaction. It encouraged me to continue, also to put my best efforts to reach similar academic achievements in the future. It was very exciting to see that the time and effort I put into studying was fruitful and I want to thank everyone who contributed and made it possible for me to receive this scholarship”.

Gazel Eluli

Meet Gazel Eluli, a student at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Gazel received her scholarship last year. Today she says “I am grateful to the person who donated this scholarship for me. Thanks to you, I could study with peace of mind which in turn allowed me to raise my average by 5 points every semester. It made me fall in love with the subject so much that I enrolled in a graduate degree!”

Tomer Freeling

Meet Tomer Freeling, a student at the Faculty of Physics who received the Technion Graduate Organization’s scholarship last year. Tomer said “Without the scholarship I received, I’m not sure if I would have been able to finish the semester the way I wanted to. The scholarship allowed me to study with peace of mind and to put all my efforts into my school work. I owe a lot of gratitude to the donors!”

Inbal Geva

Inbal Geva, a student at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Materials, tells about the scholarship she received last year. “Receiving the scholarship was very meaningful to me. I felt that there was an appreciation for excellence and achievements. Receiving the scholarship encouraged me to continue to succeed. I understood the great value of investing in the years that preceded the beginning of my studies at the Technion. The scholarship allowed me to invest mainly in my studies, without taking a job and worrying about my finances. It allowed my mindset to be invested more into studying, also to take more courses and realise my true potential. At the end of the first three semesters at the Technion, I can say that this financial support allowed me to achieve excellence during the schooling. For that I would like to thank the all those who contributed”.

Photo credit: Nitzan Zahar