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Over the past ten years, eight Israeli scientists have won the Nobel Prize: an extraordinary achievement for a very small country. But few people really know what the prizes were awarded for, what they entailed, or how they relate to our lives.

Dan Schectman is the Philip Tobias Professor of Materials Science at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2011 for his discovery of ‘quasicrystals’. For many years he was forced to deal, almost alone, with an international scientific community that made a laughing stock of his discovery of a crystal with pentagonal symmetry. But he was ultimately proved right and his discovery opened-up a new area of science and a new understanding of crystalline matter. In 2014, Shechtman ran for the Presidency of the State of Israel…

This Technion UK event will present a video of Dan Schectman’s life and his breakthrough scientific discovery. The video will explain the science in a way that can be understood by any curious television viewer… no scientific background needed! It will also give a personal portrait of the man and his struggle with the scientific community. The video will be introduced by Professor Jeremy Sanders.

Jeremy Sanders was born in London in 1948, and studied for his B.Sc. in Chemistry at Imperial College. He moved to Cambridge to study for his PhD, and in the first few weeks he met Louise. They married in 1972, and after a year at Stanford University in California, they returned to Cambridge where Jeremy became a Demonstrator in Chemistry. He was promoted through the ranks, becoming a Professor in 1996, and was Head of Chemistry from 2000–2006. He led the University’s 800th anniversary celebrations in 2009, was Head of the School of Physical Sciences 2009–2011, and then Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Institutional Affairs until his formal retirement in 2015. He was elected FRS in 1995 and appointed CBE in 2014. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Royal Society Open Science and a member of the Council of Imperial College; he also has a new research interest in crystals and crystallography.


Technion-UK Cambridge Group presents:

Title: ‘The Nobelists’: A video about the life and science of Dan Shechtman. Introduced by Professor Jeremy Sanders, CBE, FRS

Venue: Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue, Cambridge, CB5 8DW

Time: Sunday 2nd April, 2017, 3-5pm

Cost: Entry by donation to Technion-UK, Refreshments provided

Information contact:

Information Sheet: Technion Talk Sanders 2017-04-02 Flyer.pdf